11" x 14" oil on canvas. 2020.

I was meditating on the subject of hooves and horns etc. and suddenly it hit me: GOATS!!! So I painted goats.

Before you are goats. The alpha goat is standing sideways on the stairs, full of attitude, and is looking at you like "I owe you money or what?" She projects power and determination. Behind her is her posse of two, lurking in the shadows. I would advise you not to mess with these goats. They'll cut you.

The goats and their surroundings are executed in a loose, impressionistic manner.

My husband, Paul, had this to say on the subject of goats:

"When I was a kid, we used to stay at my grandparents' house a lot in the summer. They kept animals, and one year they decided to get a goat because supposedly goat milk was extremely good for kids. (The goat turned out to be quite sassy but she did give that very beneficial milk.) One day she gorged herself full of some weed grass and became bloated with gas like a big balloon. Apparently, that's very bad for goats or something, so grandpa & grandma spent half the night making her gallop back and forth across a stretch of the road because that was supposedly the remedy for her condition. The goat did survive."